Shopping: the highs

AllSaints Kaisia Loafers

I’d like to break this purchase down by numbers:

  • Original price $318
  • Purchased price $78
  • Total savings $240
  • Total time stalking the site as it went from 30%, to 50%, to 70%: 4 weeks
  • Available sizes left at 70% clearance: 1 (what do you know, my size!)
  • Purchased 3 times
  • Returned 2 times

Buying something at its cheapest price ever offered? One of the highs of shopping, you feel me guys?


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About Too Poor for Couture

A girl who loves fashion enough to slave away in the industry. For fun, for hobby, for inspiration, but definitely not for money (unfortunately). I don't study fashion like it's the bible nor do I know everything about it. Fashion should be fun, expressive, and effortless. Too Poor for Couture is my chronicle of fashion related thoughts, news, outfits, and randoms of a normal girl on a normal budget working un-glamorously through the fashion industry.
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