Party in the Back


Forever 21 tank, Brandy Melville top, Blank NYC shorts, accessories from Forever 21, H&M, Brandy Melville, Taiwan

The skull obsession will never cease. This top is probably easy to DIY but I figured for $18 it’s worth the time and accidents my clumsy hands may have caused.

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About Too Poor for Couture

A girl who loves fashion enough to slave away in the industry. For fun, for hobby, for inspiration, but definitely not for money (unfortunately). I don't study fashion like it's the bible nor do I know everything about it. Fashion should be fun, expressive, and effortless. Too Poor for Couture is my chronicle of fashion related thoughts, news, outfits, and randoms of a normal girl on a normal budget working un-glamorously through the fashion industry.
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One Response to Party in the Back

  1. Jen Hatesu says:

    I especially like that the shirt looks super soft! Also like the shoes – what a lovely pairing with an edgy outfit :]

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