Don’t give your two cents, save it

This is very much a Too Poor for Couture but without the Couture. My mom used to make fun of me when I squeezed my skin products till the last literal drop. I’m talking about fingers going green from squeezing these tubes just so I feel like I’ve gotten EVERYTHING. She would say “why are you trying so hard to save like, two cents?” I would reply, “this is two cents towards _______ (fill in the blank with any fashion related item)” So, if YOU want to save your two cents towards your _______ (fill in the same word as the last), then follow these simple-but-may-not-have-came-across-your-mind tips from yours truly. If not, you can laugh and make fun of me (behind my back).

This is my Fresh eye cream (btw feel free to suggest eye creams to try bc I still haven’t found one that works well enough).


This is the dent created from squeezing. Squeeze till your fingers hurt and nothing comes out!Β But wait!! It’s not time to throw it away yet!!

PhotobucketMake sure your fingers don’t hurt too much because now you need to pick up those scissors and cut it:
PhotobucketLook how much is still left! So kids, don’t waste! See mom, this is worth more than two cents (three at least…?).
PhotobucketFor toothpaste I have a special trick. There are tools/clips you can buy that are supposed to get the toothpaste out. Before you brush your teeth today, try this Too Poor for Couture tip: take toothpaste’s BFF – toothbrush and turn it over. Lay the tube on a HARD, FLAT surface. With the back of the toothbrush simply glide it while pushing down toward the cap:


and voila! All that paste is pushed to the front without any extra tools (or hurting your fingers!)Photobucket

Hope these come helpful and remember to save your two cents! I’m a big believer in that things add up. πŸ™‚


About Too Poor for Couture

A girl who loves fashion enough to slave away in the industry. For fun, for hobby, for inspiration, but definitely not for money (unfortunately). I don't study fashion like it's the bible nor do I know everything about it. Fashion should be fun, expressive, and effortless. Too Poor for Couture is my chronicle of fashion related thoughts, news, outfits, and randoms of a normal girl on a normal budget working un-glamorously through the fashion industry.
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2 Responses to Don’t give your two cents, save it

  1. peter says:

    Good tips!

  2. C says:

    funny post!

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