Like Mother Like Daughter


Late – but Merry Christmas! Early – but Happy New Year! For Christmas I made a quick trip up north to meet up with the family. And what do you know…I ended up taking more pictures playing in my mom’s closet than family portraits.

I spent quite some time roaming around my mom’s closet and playing dress up. Some of the below I got to take home and some of them I have to work at convincing her to part with them next time.

Let’s start with the fun stuff – the pure magic of the 80’s! The 80’s is so awesome because the colors remind me of Rainbow Brite and because (duh) I was born in the 80’s.

Here I present vintage Moschino:


Peace, love, AND smiley face! and I know you want me to model this so here I am:


Here’s another one – with Franco Moschino himself imprinted (he also started Moschino the year I was born – yaaa)!


PhotobucketHow can you hate on something with rainbow buttons? Exactly, don’t be a hater.

Whereas I’m not ready to infuse 80’s at its best into my wardrobe yet – there were pieces that I can see myself in. Let’s get serious! And by serious I mean as in CHANEL serious. Check out mom’s collection of Chanel tweed jackets:


I managed to snatch one of these from my mom. I mean, BORROW.

I forgot what brand the leopard dress is – but it’s quite sassy.


An UNWORN Jil Sander coat in a gorgeous creamy color that my mom wouldn’t let me take. Boo.


I’ve been looking for a pleated maxi skirt for awhile, and this one (might have been Helmet Lang, don’t remember) caught my eyes. The chiffon and velvet combo detail masks the basic black.


Dolce & Gabbana tux – perfect for the masculine look.


Elie Tahari cutout dress:


Going back to the favorite – CHANEL – jewelry edition:



Not Chanel but still just as great:


I barely took anything from what I showed above, but am happy with what my mom allowed me to take. I’ll work on showcasing them here in future outfit posts!

Before I go though, I have to show my biggest come up – Ann Demeulemeester boots! They’re actually half a size too small, but I’m convinced I need them. Only for you, Ann.



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A girl who loves fashion enough to slave away in the industry. For fun, for hobby, for inspiration, but definitely not for money (unfortunately). I don't study fashion like it's the bible nor do I know everything about it. Fashion should be fun, expressive, and effortless. Too Poor for Couture is my chronicle of fashion related thoughts, news, outfits, and randoms of a normal girl on a normal budget working un-glamorously through the fashion industry.
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