The Grinch is Dead


If you think this furry mess is scary, imagine wearing a jacket made completely with this fur. What is this? This was one of the ‘fur options’ from one of our lovely China vendors for a fur jacket that my company ordered. It convinces me that the Grinch is dead, because it looks like they ripped this right off of him. Scary.


About Too Poor for Couture

A girl who loves fashion enough to slave away in the industry. For fun, for hobby, for inspiration, but definitely not for money (unfortunately). I don't study fashion like it's the bible nor do I know everything about it. Fashion should be fun, expressive, and effortless. Too Poor for Couture is my chronicle of fashion related thoughts, news, outfits, and randoms of a normal girl on a normal budget working un-glamorously through the fashion industry.
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2 Responses to The Grinch is Dead

  1. didi says:

    eww i hate this color!!

  2. p says:

    da eff!

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